Two types of artist as models for executives

“Think like an artist to become more innovative” is the title of a recent item in the Business Innovation Insider blog from the Fortune Innovation Forum. It might be more accurately titled “Think like a conceptually innovative artist …” since the Insider post’s main focus is on coming up with inspirations for new work.

It’s based on a article by software industry executive Mike Hugos telling “how business leaders can become more innovative by understanding how artists find their inspiration for new and creative work.”

His article covers more territory. (In other words, it unwittingly mixes together the two types of innovator.) Hugos urges executives to follow the examples creative artists — both experimental innovators (such as experimental musicians) and conceptual innovators (such as painters who tend to make many preliminary sketches to get their idea right).

He writes, for example, “Actors immerse themselves in the personalities and histories of their characters, painters do sketch after sketch of an image, and musicians experiment with many different sequences of notes and tempos.”


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