Altman ‘never stopped experimenting’

Here’s a follow-up on my earlier post on Robert Altman as experimental innovator. This is an excerpt from Bloomberg film critic Peter Rainer:

For Altman, movie-making was a supremely collaborative art. He once told me how much he loved to sit around after a day’s shooting and watch the dailies — the unedited footage — with his cast and crew.

Watching a few edited sequences of “A Prairie Home Companion” with him that day, I was struck by how instantaneously vigorous he became the second he looked at the footage. He rhapsodized about working in the high-definition format, which allowed him to film cheaply, quickly and continuously without the need for cumbersome lights.

When he died, Altman was the youngest “old” director in the business. He never stopped experimenting; he never lost the ability to be astonished.


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