Surveys of innovators (No. 1: Which type are you?)

Whether you’re an experimental innovator or a conceptual innovator, you’ll have to rub elbows with many of your opposites. That’s the implication of two recent surveys on how people approach innovation — one by InnovationLabs, another by me.

First, mine — the unscientific survey of Web site visitors who took my quiz that seeks to help determine who’s conceptual (a finder) and who’s experimental (a seeker).

In the first 33 responses to this survey, 58 percent of people said they were seekers; 27 percent, finders; and 15 percent, half-and-half. Now, if you take the quiz and fill out the survey soon, you’ll find that the counter has reset, because I’ve added a new option: telling me “This didn’t work for me.”

In an upcoming post, I’ll discuss the InnovationLabs survey.


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