Changing the world, one gallon at a time

Tralance Addy of WaterHealth InternationalTralance Addy, 62, is a social entrepreneur whose passion is providing clean drinking water for developing countries. (The World Health Organization says about 2 million people die each year from diarrhea caused by contaminated water.)

The gradual step-by-step process of experimental innovation is easy to spot in my column about his company, WaterHealth International, and its chief scientist, Ashok Gadgil, 57, who invented and keeps improving its technology for purifying water.

For example, “WaterHealth has spent 11 years seeking the right formula for doing well by doing good. Along the way, it has installed its water-purifying systems in India, the Philippines, the Mexican state of Guerrero and a few in South Africa and Sri Lanka. Those systems now make clean water available to nearly 1 million people in 500 communities.”

See also:

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  • Quote for innovators: “Never hesitate to jump at the sun.”

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