Add Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg to ‘young genius’ list

Mark ZuckerbergSoftware remains a hotbed of young conceptual innovators. The latest example of young geniuses is Facebook developer Mark Zuckerberg, who invented the social networking site at age 19.

A new Newsweek article focuses mostly on the prospects for the site, which he refused to sell to Yahoo for a reported $1 billion, but it also puts the Harvard dropout’s conceptual side on display.

For example, “the nub of his vision revolves around a concept he calls the ‘social graph.’ As he describes it, this is a mathematical construct that maps the real-life connections between every human on the planet. Each of us is a node radiating links to the people we know.

“ ‘We don’t own the social graph,’ he says. ‘The social graph is this thing that exists in the world, and it always has and it always will.’ “

Add Zuckerberg to the list of other young men who made early breakthroughs in the computer industry. For example:

From youngest to oldest (at age 24):

  • Fellow Harvard dropout Bill Gates, age 19 when he started “the world’s first microcomputer software company.”
  • Shawn Fanning, age 19 when he developed Napster file-sharing software.
  • Steve Jobs, age 21 when he founded Apple Computer with 25-year-old Steve Wozniak.
  • Tim Berners-Lee, known as the Father of the World Wide Web, who at age 24 developed hypertext links to connect information stored in different documents.

Computers seem to attract slightly younger achievers than other industries. For example, consider these historic breakthroughs in other fields:

  • Cyrus McCormick, in his mid-20s when he patented the mechanical reaper.
  • Eli Whitney, age 27 when he filed his patent application for his cotton gin.
  • Alexander Graham Bell, who patented his invention of the telephone at age 29.
  • Thomas Edison, who gets credit for inventing the phonograph at age 30 and the electric light at age 31.

37 Responses to Add Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg to ‘young genius’ list

  1. I can’t wait to see whether Zuckerberg’s $1 billion gamble pays off. It all comes down to whether Facebook can remain relevant and whether they are successful at their strategy of establishing it as more of a platform than a social networking site.

    • Nick says:

      I’ve often thought of that as prior social networking mediums have come and gone as the technology evolved. RIP the BBS…

  2. It will be interesting to see if Zuckerberg’s gamble pays off.

    It will all be determined by whether he can establish Facebook as a platform and avoid the previously fad-like nature of social networking sites.

  3. Ollie says:

    Mark, you are a very clever lad! I wish you well in the future.
    My friend and I are 15 years old, and we are in the middle of starting a site like Bebo, myspace and facebook. Do you have any tips for us on how you came to success with facebook with people around the world? Would be greatfull if you could email me back.


  4. yaregal(bubuni) says:

    hey i really apppreciate what Mark Zuckerberg does . it is really the one that it seems simple ideas but with complicated development.
    and am sure that every body can develop new ideas if we have to continue with what wee have and what we wanna to do with passionate. but every body can’t be billionaire. it is for selected’s like mark.

  5. To Ollie says:

    Hey Ollie,
    um if Mark Zuckerberg were to just give out advice to people that were interested in making a site intended to edge him out, just how smart would he be?

  6. believe me if i say mark is or one of the smartest human on the face of earth.from a campus site to a world wide web site,man that is impressive.Mark Zuckerberg is an inspiration and alot of people should follow in that direction.keep the head up man am in africa and you have made soo easy to find people i searched for God knows how long…

  7. I find it impressive that there is something about not knowing that the world has a plan for you and most people will follow that plan.. just to be ordinary. Then there are people like Mark, Alexander and other inventors (some of whom didn’t invent their idea but gleaned from others) but had the courage to RUN with it, made it what it is today.
    It takes so much courage to do something different, to listen to yourself when others are telling you,, “BAH!!! that won’t work!!”.
    I think we all have this inside use, this creative mechanism. The only difference is there are people out there who don’t listen to the naysayers, believe in themselves that they will make it work, some how, some way.. but it will be in the time frame that is right in the universe.

  8. grace says:

    your a very genius man, and it is a gift for you were only have few has given..!!continue for your inventions and your goals…you inspire as to be like you to!!

  9. Betty Ann says:

    Is there someway to avoid seeing every quiz everyone takes without hiding that person. If they take 5 quizs it starts to fill up the home page and you can’t see anything else?
    I enjoy your network and I know you’re always trying to improve it.
    We used to be able to see less of a person now we have to hide them, can this be fixed?

  10. I’m the most happiest person working with facebook.

  11. Edward Bryant says:

    Hi Mark Zuckerberg. I want to start out by saying congrads on you idea to start facebook. I have a idea which I need a little advise on on to get it started. It is not for the computer. It is a Electronic devise. I know it will be big but i just don’t know were to start from. Can you please tell me were i should start from. Thanks for your help.

  12. scalapular04 says:

    hey dude. im von reynant b. mallorca from philippines i want to be your apprentice im 17 years old and i am studying about building a website and how do you manage it.. thank you..

  13. Ebisike Ebube George says:

    World class technotuitive ideologues r born of a responsibility to service mankinds needs, but even greater thinknoverts like mark r built, and pushed by an innovation crunch in society.Kudos to your remarkable work.

  14. shemoel shakeel ahmed says:

    I really proud on mark.because in this little age what ever he had don,thats’awesome.I belong from pakistan but I know that your people are doing outstanding effort for human.keep it up.

  15. Muhammad Ali Pervaiz says:

    He is simply awesome .

  16. Ove says:

    I have just one thing to say,” Mark zuckerberg u r the best”

  17. Asia Oodman says:

    I would like to say that uploading pictures is a huge pain! The Java doesn’t work even when I upload it. And I know it is not just my computer because that happens on every computer that I go on. It always says that the upload fails and that I should try again. And guess what?! I try again and it just tells me the same thing over and over again. So I try the sample up loader and it takes forever too! I can only upload one or two pictures at a time and I have to go back every time to add more. It takes forever and that is unnecessary. I should be spending my time talking to my friends because that’s why it was created right? To make communicating with friends fun and easy. I thought I would just say that. I love facebook other than that. That is all.

  18. Mbamalu Chukwukazo says:

    Mark ur a genious.i cant tank u enough 4 creatin a revenue 4 me 2 hook up wit my old pal.cant wait 2 add u 2 my frends……

  19. David Green says:

    I and many others are very concerned about the price of $50 per month for facebook. I am a brand new user and this simply not be feasible. I would have to discontinue using this service, and I would deeply regret it! Please sir, reconsider your decision. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to to your reply.

  20. AhaTha says:

    Marketing Team-

    I have many ideas for Facebook and its future growth and expansion. The future of Facebook that rests in my brain will help FB evolve to fit the needs of its members and infinitely multiply it’s growth in members and member usage.
    First I would have to have legal signed disclosures in order to discuss FB inventions, second a scheduled meeting with the FB marketing/growth team, third RT flight and 4th hotel.
    Then…..I am ready to jump in

    starving artist


  21. jason mann says:

    Hi there my name is jason and tto all those folks who have had a great idea keep up the good work America was built on the minds of inovators like you. Ill start by telling you one day i was working on my car and i had a great idea for a new way to improve a tool. So i have this idea and now i have a pation on it and need a little help with marketing it or better yet selling it to a magor tool company like sears. Now this isnt just some fly by night idea i made my prototype and everything. it is very simpel and it can be applyed to every handy man ,doit yourselfer or pro tool traid.

  22. Matikinca says:

    Mark your work is just phenomenal…
    Wherever you started – it is a success.


  23. obateru oluwagbenga says:

    good thinking for a person like you to have created what can bring everybody together you have maked a landmark the best of you.

  24. edna says:


  25. The catchy website with the fascinating posts. You give the very helpful info that lots of people don’t know prior to. most of your contents are make me have more knowledge. it is very various. I was impressed together with your website. Never be bored to visit your website again. Have the nice your time.Maintain enjoyed your blogging.

  26. Rohanis Aman says:

    I can’t wait to see whether Zuckerberg’s $1 billion gamble pays off. It all comes down to whether Facebook can remain relevant and whether they are successful at their strategy of establishing it as more of a platform than a social networking site.

  27. sumit rawat says:

    Realy its lyk a miracle on earth in social netwrkng world, its a multi purpose netwrkng site. hey mark u rocks man. thanx 4 giving us a path 2 meet wid old frnds.

  28. David says:

    Best thing ever!!!
    Good job

  29. Devan Verbiwski says:

    I have something to say to Mark Zuckerberg about a new security addition. Think of a page that shows the world but it starts with where you live and then you type in the name of a city or town that you live in and that will be where your facebook account can be accesed from. You can take the area off and if you do try to access your account from an area that you didnt add you just put a long password and if its accepted it will then ask for your original password and voila a blow to those account hackers.

  30. Nice Post says:

    Nice Post…

    […]Add Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg to ‘young genius’ list « Arts of Innovation blog[…]…

  31. lucy says:

    Cant thank you enough Mr, Mark Zuckerberg for this great and magnificent facility….FB.I think you are one of the smartest human on the face of the earth.Wishing you even greater year 2012,health , happiness and all the best.

  32. […] Edison, who gets credit for inventing the phonograph at age 30 and the electric light at age 31.… VN:F [1.9.12_1141]please wait…Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)VN:F [1.9.12_1141]Rating: +1 […]

  33. Bradly Wynn says:

    Bradly Wynn…

    […]Add Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg to ‘young genius’ list « Arts of Innovation blog[…]…

  34. Korey Lierle says:

    I am John, how are you everybody? This post posted at this site is actually good.

  35. nick bradford says:

    whats up mark im nick i live in alabama just watched the movie social network then got fascenated by it then read ur story and just wanted to say thats awsome im always trying to think of ways to become known famous or just make enough money to be comfortable.I want expect u to write back but if u do it will be awsome

  36. Facebook fan says:

    Facebook fan…

    […]Add Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg to ‘young genius’ list « Arts of Innovation blog[…]…

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