Alan Greenspan as experimental innovator

I’ve always thought of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan as an experimental innovator, primarily because his major achievements were from age 61 to age 79, the years when he led the Fed.

But he also has a very Cezanne-like way of downplaying his achievements and never being satisfied. In the most recent example, during his current book tour promoting “The Age of Turbulence,” Greenspan told Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”:

“I’ve been in the forecasting business for 50 years (but) I’m no better than I ever was, any nobody else is. Forecasting 50 years ago was as good or as bad as it is today, and the reason is that human nature hasn’t changed. We can’t improve ourselves.”

Like fellow experimental innovators Robert Frost and Mark Twain, he’s grappling with the complexities or human nature, not the simplicity of a bold concept.


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