Suggest innovators

Please suggest other innovators in the arts, sciences and business, especially if you can suggest whether they seem to be conceptual innovators, experimental innovators, or follow patterns of their own. The more specifics and the more sources you can cite, the better.


7 Responses to Suggest innovators

  1. Sarah Brodsky says:

    Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island at age 33 and A Child’s Garden of Verses at age 35. I think he was conceptual because he is remembered for these few major titles rather than for a body of work. Some of his less-famous novels, like The Black Arrow, are actually pretty bad.

  2. Neil says:

    Why are there no composers? I suppose they are much like scientists or novelists, because while the appreciation of music is a right-brained activity, the creation of it is very left-brained, categorized with scientists and linguists. Anyway, there are plenty of good subjects among composers.

  3. Sarah Brodsky says:

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote Sonnets from the Portugese when she was 39. Her poetry has been criticized for not following rules of meter and form exactly
    which leads me to suspect she was experimental. Experimental writers are more interested in describing real life than in following literary conventions.

  4. SJ says:

    Fast Company, an award-winning magazine, which is read by over 7.50,000 successful professionals across the world hosts the Fast-50 contest every year to find the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the world.

    Thhe 2008 “Reader’s Favorites” can be found at –

    Interestingly this list contains an interesting mix of well established companies like FedEx and many new but incredibly innovative companies such as Peanut Labs Inc.

    Thought you might find it interesting.

  5. Aaron says:

    Calvin Markus is upcoming experimental composer, artist, and poet and has combined all three forms into ‘a loose portrait of body’ a innovative improvisation of ‘words, sounds and ink’
    from his site:
    “Experimental poetry, art, and music that will guide your senses through a vibrating dreamscape. A nonobjective coming-of-age story where everything is either falling apart or freeing itself from any form or structure.”
    Support underground art!

  6. Katrina Winters says:

    Ringtones and Ringbacks were invented and given their precise names when prolific inventor Andre Gray created the world’s very first one and uploaded it to his single-webpage on February 5, 1994. For the world’s first ringtone, Gray chose the ten second opening of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Tocatta and fugue in D Minor. Gray, a music technology specialist from The Juilliard School and inventor of the Electronic Press Kit or EPK among many other inventions, also provided a link to his newsgroup page that told the public how to create their own ringtones and how to download ringtones from the Internet unto future mobile phones. Today, Andre Gray is widely recognized as the absolute father of Ringtones & mobile entertainment in general.

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