Improve quiz?

Do you have suggestions for improving the quiz? (It’s aimed at helping people to determine whether they’re more of an experimental innovator or more of a conceptual innovator.)

Enter your suggestions in the “Leave a Reply” field. (Scroll down or click on “Comment” or “Comments” to get to it.)

Want to read more about the two types of innovator? Start with the home page.


4 Responses to Improve quiz?

  1. I read your innovation quiz on I think this quiz may lead people to reach incorrect conclusions about themselves.

    You ask a set of questions about how people work. However, we could imagine two people who work in much the same way, one who is experimental and the other who is conceptual. For example, two artists paint the same subject for forty years. One is an old master perfecting his style; the other is a conceptual innovator who got stuck.

    The relevant question is not “How do you work?” but “How do you work when you’re successful?”

    Unfortunately, asking someone that question directly won’t identify whether he is conceptual or experimental. The question makes sense only to someone who is at least slightly experimental, because only experiment people evaluate their past work to learn from and improve on it.

    In fact, when you ask someone to evaluate his past work, you are teaching him to be more experimental, not identifying where he was on the spectrum before he took the quiz.

    I suggest showing people a series of pairs of paintings and asking them to choose the painting they prefer from each pair. My guess is that people who consistently choose paintings by experimental artists over paintings by conceptual artists are more likely to have aesthetic goals.
    Thank you for creating a very interesting website.

    Sarah Brodsky
    (Comment submitted via e-mail to “artsofinnovation” blog author)

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  3. Tushar says:

    good article man! also try Business Quiz it is good and for all the quiz buffs.

  4. Hello Again:

    there is a questionare about thinknig styles from Robert Sternberg which a practical quizz mentioned at the can be used to expand your quizz. I took it and it help me to clarify some related issues to the concept of conceptual innovators. Please read and of course take it!

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