What type are you?

After you take the style-of-innovation quiz at ArtsOfInnovation.com, please record your rating here — and see how you compare to others who have taken the quiz before you.

(Choose “No” on the next screen. The “Arts of Innovation” blog has no need for your name.)

What type of innovator are you?
1) 1-2 (strong seeker)
2) 3 (medium seeker)
3) 4 (mild seeker)
4) 5 (half and half)
5) 6 (mild finder)
6) 7 (medium finder)
7) 8-9 (strong finder)
8 ) This didn’t work for me.

After you record your type, you can view overall results of everyone who has taken the survey recently.


6 Responses to What type are you?

  1. Carmen says:

    my survey result type was 1, a strong seeker.

  2. no says:

    I can go both ways on all the questions depending on the project

  3. miguel says:

    1 strong seeker

  4. Karyn says:

    I am a medium finder. I also can be a seeker depending on the project.

  5. Atilio says:

    I am a strong finder, as I knew by intuition, nevertherlees my main acomplishments started in my late fifties.Creativity, Intuition and a flexible thinking are present during my lifetime.

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